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EXARO performs cathodic protection installation services for pipeline, water reservoirs, tunnels, pump stations, building infrastructure and railway.  This includes both impressed current and sacrificial anodes for new installation and or maintenance / rehabilitation of existing systems through out the Bay Area, Northern, Central and Southern California.

For rehabilitation of existing pipeline and railway cathodic protection systems
EXARO’s method minimizes disruption to environment by maintaining a minimal diameter work-hole made by vacuum excavation-potholing; this is somewhat analogous to modern surgical procedures performed in very small openings.  By using vacuum excavation the risk of damage to the existing pipeline is significantly reduced.  A simple nick of the pipeline can be the catalyst to a future catastrophic failure.  Most rehabilitation requires replacement of anodes where asphalt concrete has already been place requiring opening and trenching for replacement anodes.  

EXARO is partnered with excellent cathodic protection engineering design teams enabling EXARO to provide turnkey design/construct services.  The EXARO team is quickly setting a new standard in Delivering Excellence with a Sense of Urgency at Competitive Pricing.

Whether you are looking for new installations or rehabilitation, exothermic welds or pin brazing give EXARO a call.
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